• 15 June 2018
  • jewishfamily

Gimel Tamuz, the day the Rebbe chose to conceal himself and give us the additional merit of helping realize his vision, to bring Moshiach in actuality.
Well, what can we do? first to realize the Rebbe did not abandon his flock. He is with us as before and we can still turn to him for help and blessings. The fact that the Rebbe left no successor means he is continuing to lead us. 
it was on Gimmel Tamuz that yehoshua stopped the sun: the sun did not set. The Rebbes sun did not set either. He will lead us to redemption. 
Secondly, we need to add in goodness, kindness, Torah and mitzvot.
and of course to be an example to others, a light to the nations.
But the main thing is to make the Rebbes vision our vision: his entire vision since he was a small child was to bring about the redemption of the world. and that is what we need to concentrate on. How to actualize that vision.  How to bring about the era when we will all understand the reason behind all the suffering the Jewish people have endured for so many thousands of years. The era when there will be peace throughout the world, no famine, no wars, no sickness. The era when the world will reach its completion, as Hashem intended from the beginning of creation.
As we all join in unity to bring the geula, we should remember all that the Rebbe taught us: to have ahavat Yisrael, ahavat Hashem, and to serve Hashem with simcha.
The Rebbe told us now he is giving the task over to us, to bring Moshiach. That was the famous talk of 28 of Nissan, a year before his stroke.
We all have to play a role in bringing Moshiach. Each one of us is important and has to contribute their part.  Whatever we do we need to have intention that it should be as a merit to bring the geula. and certainly we need to imagine the world in its perfected state, as it will be when Moshiach comes. When we live like that, we are already actualizing the Rebbes vision.
The Rebbe told us to learn about Moshiach and to internalize what we learn.
may we fulfill the Rebbes instructions with happiness and may we very soon merit to usher in the redemption where all Jews will be redeemed from exile; no Jew will be left behind.