• 15 June 2018
  • jewishfamily

So it is Chanukah again. I love Chanukah. Not because of the latkes and doughnuts...although those are definitely delicious. But it is the light that draws me. (I guess that is why it is called the festival of lights, not the festival of doughnuts or latkes).  Those Chanukah candles just produce such an amazing light.  Each night we add light and as we add a candle, inside me I feel that something is lit up. Each night I feel that inside me there is more light to combat the darkness of the world. and i realize the message of Chanukah is very powerful: we have to dig inside ourselves, into our neshomahs, and find that little bit of pure oil that can never be tainted by the goyishkeit of the world or secular values. that little bit of pure oil that we have to use to light up our neshomahs, to light up our part of the world and to shine light to others.
And inside each of us there is that spark....that pintele yid that is always connected to Hashem, that always remains faithful, that feels strong emunah and simcha...that little spark that lights up so much darkness. Just like one tiny candle can illuminate an entire room that is black, so can our neshomahs light up the inner darkness within each of us and illuminate the outer darkness of the world. The world that conceals G-dliness, that conceals truth...each of us can light up the world and reveal that holiness in everything. And we start with ourselves, one candle at a time....and every night we add light. 
So that is why I love Chanukah. And just as much as I love chanukah, I hate darkness. And I pray for the day when all the darkness will be converted to light, when Moshiach will come and Hashem will remove the spirit of impurity from the earth. And maybe that is why Chanukah is one of the holidays that will remain after Moshiach comes...because the light is so great that it can never be nullified.