Chodesh tov

  • 15 June 2018
  • jewishfamily

So we are now entering the new Jewish month of Nissan. This is what the Torah refers to as the month of redemption and the month of miracles. Just as the Jews were redeemed from Egypt in the month of NIssan, so may we all be redeemed from galus in this month of Nissan. And may it be with miracles!
Chassidus teaches us that this is the month to go out of our personal egypt,our personal mitzraim. Mitzraim is connected to metzarim, which means limitations. Anything that keeps us from serving Hashem with happiness and enthusiasm is a limitation. This is the month to free ourselves from all limitations, worries, fears, aggravations and difficulties in a spiritual sense and a material sense. And as we clean for Pesach, let's remember to clean ourselves internally: to remove any trace of "chametz", of arrogance and ego. And as we clean ourselves, we purify the world making it clean of impurities, kelipa and negativity and we make the world ready for redemption. Are you ready? let's all prepare to be redeemed....and may it be immediately now. May we merit to be in Jerusalem already for this Pesach! This year in Jerusalem!