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Happy Chanukah!!!

​Chanukah sameach! Chanukah is one of my favorite holidays. All about light. Reminding each of us how we must be a light to the nations, a light to our surroundings and shine light to others.
In the beginning of Creation, G-d shone a special Divine light into the world for 36 hours. Then He hid that light for the future, for the world to come, for the days of Moshiach. But during Chanukah that special light is within the Chanukah candles and we can access that special Divine light.

Chodesh tov!

Today is Rosh Chodesh Kislev, the month known as the month of miracles and redemption. May we merit both. May this month bring each person their personal redemption from whatever problems they face, and the complete redemption of all the Jewish people and the entire world with the coming of Moshiach. And may it all be with  miracles. This is a month filled with  miracles and happy occasions . May we already have the geula before chanukah even begins and we should celebrate chanukah in Jerusalem in the third Beit hamikdash!

Going with G-d

This week's Torah portion is Lech Lecha. One of my favorites. it is the story of how G-d commands Avraham to go: leave your country, your birth place, your father's house and go....but go where? just go and Hashem says He will show Avraham the land He wants him to go to.

Becoming happy when you dont feel happy

Now we are in the season of our rejoicing, the Succot holiday. Chag sameach to everyone! 
But what about people who find it hard to be happy? There are many people who have serious problems and find it very hard to rejoice. Some people live in places where they do not have much opportunity of rejoicing.
Being in Crown Heights and dancing every  night at simcha beit hashoeiva makes it easier to be bsimcha.
Being in Israel and seeing the succot everywhere and attending concerts and enjoying the chag makes it easier to be bsimcha.

Why do good people suffer?

Why is that good people seem to suffer so much? Or that anything holy or good always seems to have so much opposition? We learn in Tanach the story of Ruth and Boaz: everyone thought Boaz made an error to marry Ruth and that is why he died the night after their wedding. However Hashem had other plans: He already planted the seed of Moshiach and King David descended from Ruth.  David himself looked to be possibly an illegitimate child and yet with time it was revealed that he was pure and holy and in fact became the King of Israel.


Now we have entered the month of Elul, the  month of rachamim, mercy. The time when the mercy of Hashem wakes up and we are very close to Hashem in this month. It is a time to pray for everything we need and to do teshuvah in preparation for the upcoming high holiday season.  It says in this month Hashem Himself is in the field, so to speak. Usually the King is in His palace, not as easily accessible. But in Elul there is a metaphor describing Hashem as the King in the field. He leaves His palace and comes to the field to greet all His subjects.

Only solution to world problems

So it is that time of year again, the three weeks. (starting from the 17th of Tamuz until Tisha B’av, where we mourn the destruction of the two Batei Mikdash and we long for the rebuilding of the third Beit Hamikdash)
What should be on our minds at this time? (no, not the elections! BELIEVE ME, THERE ARE NO POLITICAL SOLUTIONS FOR THE WORLD’S PROBLEMS….THE ONLY SOLUTION IS MOSHIACH)
And yes, that is what should be on our minds. Bringing Moshiach. Bringing the redemption of the Jewish people.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe once wrote in a letter the following:

Anxiety disorders

The latest “fashion” seems to be anxiety. Everyone seems to be suffering from some sort of anxiety disorder. Why is it that so many people experience so much anxiety these days? What is anxiety? Where does it stem from?

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