Right now I am feeling very sad….and very  mad! Such a chutzpa that an evil arab terrorist entered a Jewish home and murdered three Jews for no reason other than that they are Jewish living peacefully in their homeland!
In honor and memory of these pure, innocent Jews who were murdered in their home this Friday night, on Shabbat, just before celebrating the shalom zachor of their newborn baby boy, I have added a new section to my website called Security of the land of Israel.


17th of Tamuz why do we fast for something that happened in the past?  
Okay, we could say we are fasting so as to prevent future problems and avert negative situations. That is true as well.
But the fact is, for a Jew, it is not really the past. Because the destruction of the Beit Hamikdash is an ongoing situation.
As it says in Torah, if our generation does not witness the rebuilding of the Beit hamikdash it is as if we destroyed it.


Gimel Tamuz, the day the Rebbe chose to conceal himself and give us the additional merit of helping realize his vision, to bring Moshiach in actuality.
Well, what can we do? first to realize the Rebbe did not abandon his flock. He is with us as before and we can still turn to him for help and blessings. The fact that the Rebbe left no successor means he is continuing to lead us. 
it was on Gimmel Tamuz that yehoshua stopped the sun: the sun did not set. The Rebbes sun did not set either. He will lead us to redemption. 


Online shopping has become the big trend of modern society. I feel that besides the convenience, there is something about having packages arrive to your door that feels special….there is a certain feeling of excitement, like you are receiving a gift! (even though you paid for that gift). 
And then I thought to myself: every single day Hashem sends us gifts. We receive many gifts. And if we really concentrate on realizing that , we can feel very special. Imagine if a friend or relative would send you gifts each day.  You would feel that you owe a lot back to that person.

Musing about life

As we approach Shavuot, I find myself musing on the ironies of life. 
On Pesach my daughter started feeling sick. It continued for several weeks, getting worse each week to the point that she began vomiting and having stomach pains etc. We took her to the hospital and she was diagnosed with celiac disease! 
Ironic that on the holiday when we eat mainly gluten free, on Pesach, she became sick from the only gluten containing product: the shmura matza that we eat, which is called the matza of faith and the matza of healing!

The light of Moshiach

The last days of Passover always bring to mind Moshiach. We even eat a Moshiach seuda on the eighth day towards evening: matza and four more cups of wine or grape juice. This is the meal of Moshiach and we actually internalize our connection to Moshiach.
On these last day sof Passover the light of Moshiach shines and we have the opportunity to tap into that light and connect ourselves to the true redemption and to the redeemer. 


Most people have an almost child like mentality: if I do good deeds and do what Hashem wants, why does Hashem not give me what I want or what I ask for? 
And we tend to become angry, moody, resentful, disappointed when our expectations and wishes are not realized etc.
Pesach is the time to free ourselves from wrong mentalities. We need to open up and see life from a bigger perspective.


Suffering is something we humans have a hard time understanding. In fact, we cannot understand it. And may nobody have to go through any suffering!  We need to pray constantly never to be tested and never to need suffering . May any cleansing or purification be through chesed and rachamim without suffering.
But if chasve shalom a person does go through some kind of suffering, there are ways to deal with it that are perhaps helpful on some level. Nobody can minimize a person’s suffering. What one person may find easy, another person may truly find difficult. 

Chodesh tov

So we are now entering the new Jewish month of Nissan. This is what the Torah refers to as the month of redemption and the month of miracles. Just as the Jews were redeemed from Egypt in the month of NIssan, so may we all be redeemed from galus in this month of Nissan. And may it be with miracles!

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