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Suffering is something we humans have a hard time understanding. In fact, we cannot understand it. And may nobody have to go through any suffering!  We need to pray constantly never to be tested and never to need suffering . May any cleansing or purification be through chesed and rachamim without suffering.
But if chasve shalom a person does go through some kind of suffering, there are ways to deal with it that are perhaps helpful on some level. Nobody can minimize a person’s suffering. What one person may find easy, another person may truly find difficult. 

Chodesh tov

So we are now entering the new Jewish month of Nissan. This is what the Torah refers to as the month of redemption and the month of miracles. Just as the Jews were redeemed from Egypt in the month of NIssan, so may we all be redeemed from galus in this month of Nissan. And may it be with miracles!


Today I woke up thinking about all the things I have to be happy about, and all the things I have to be sad about. And I thought to myself: which one will I choose to prioritize? The happy things or the sad ones? Well, being that it is the month of Adar I chose to go with the happy thoughts and put the sad ones on a back burner. (if it was the month of Av I probably would have focused more on the sad things…) In Adar we have a mitzvah , a commandment, to increase in happiness so the sad thoughts I knew were coming from an unholy place.


We are now entering the Jewish month of Adar. Zman mazaltenu! It is the time of Jewish mazal. It is a month of happiness. We need to increase in joy. But how to do that? simply go through the motions.Laugh, sing, dance....even if you dont feel like it. Because everytime you laugh, things change around. That is the idea of this month. The hebrew letter governing the month of Adar is kuf, the letter associated with the monkey. A monkey constantly laughs and turns somersaults etc. And this is the idea of Adar: through  laughter, through joy, everything can turn around.

Bringing Moshiach

The Baal Shem Tov once ascended to the Heavenly realms and entered the chamber of Moshiach. He asked when Moshiach would come and he was told “When your wellsprings (the teachings of Chassidut) are spread all over the world”.


The decision in Israel to convict Elor Azaria of murder is shameful! there is no other way to describe it. A totally galut mentality! How low can the court system fall? 
To equate the murder of a terrorist who came to murder  Jews with regular murder is absolutely ridiculous. 
Who cares if Elor killed him on purpose? A terrorist is a terrorist. Didnt he come to murder Jews on purpose?

Happy Chanukah!!!

​Chanukah sameach! Chanukah is one of my favorite holidays. All about light. Reminding each of us how we must be a light to the nations, a light to our surroundings and shine light to others.
In the beginning of Creation, G-d shone a special Divine light into the world for 36 hours. Then He hid that light for the future, for the world to come, for the days of Moshiach. But during Chanukah that special light is within the Chanukah candles and we can access that special Divine light.

Chodesh tov!

Today is Rosh Chodesh Kislev, the month known as the month of miracles and redemption. May we merit both. May this month bring each person their personal redemption from whatever problems they face, and the complete redemption of all the Jewish people and the entire world with the coming of Moshiach. And may it all be with  miracles. This is a month filled with  miracles and happy occasions . May we already have the geula before chanukah even begins and we should celebrate chanukah in Jerusalem in the third Beit hamikdash!

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